The Weekly News (Monday's)

Keep up on all the news in Dollville! This is a page of all the posts of The Weekly News. The Weekly News is posted every Monday by Josie and Ruthie.

2/11/13 Valentine's Ball!

2/18/13 A Producer Found Dollville!

2/25/13 FIRE!!!

3/4/13 Such Great Neighbours!

3/18/13 Is someone out to get Dollville?

3/18/13 Update

Sorry there was no post for 3/25/13 :(

4/1/13 April Fools Joke!

4/8/13 Getting A Car!

4/15/13 Happy!

4/22/13 Trip Is Starting!!

4/29/13 Crossed The Maple River

Two Week Break

5/20/13 Indian Ruins

5/27/13 AG Capital

6/3/13 Flower Show


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