Friday, June 21, 2013


AAAAAA! I miss you guys SOOO much! You all probably know how it is, You finish school for the year and your like Oh Good! Now I have more free time! But it isn't the case. I as busy as ever if not more so! Work is starting steady on July 4 and that means picking tomatoes every morning for 3 or 4 hours. then i have to come home and do the house work (having 4 siblings is time consuming) and we are also cleaning up the property. I will be gone tomorrow but i will TRY VERY hard to restart next week. The starting the 28th i go the camp for a week so no promises on posts. :( I will try very hard to get some posts in. I miss you guys and I don't want to quit but sometimes it is SOOOOO hard! And other times I feel like people don't read my posts anyway. I don't know. Oh well. See you on the next post!