Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!

I Hope everyone has a great day today!!!! Give thanks for everything! So starting Sunday I will be back! And I know what you are thinking.. "Layla... You will just let us down again. You always do." Well I have the posts scheduled so I KNOW they will be up. Also I will explain this again. I am doing TWO years of school in ONE year and am going to graduate THIS year. Therefor, I AM VERY BUSY!

Here is my schedule...
Get up at 7:00
Go to school by 8:30
School 8:30-3:00
Do homework 3:30-6:00/9:00
Help mom take care of my four siblings and clean house any spare time.
Go to bed 9:30/10:00

So you see I am busy. I will try y hardest to keep posts up but posting EVERY day is a tall order because I have to take pictures and write stories also. However, I AM thankful for everyone that reads my blog and I am sorry if I have let you down. Keep looking up!