The Farming Report (Wednesday's)

How is the crops doing? This is a page of all the posts of The Farming Report. The Farming Report is posted every Wednesday by Joe and Matt.

2/13/13 Tomatoes

2/20/13 Bananas

2/27/13 Cucumbers

3/6/13 Pears

No posts on 3/13/13 do to Election Week!

3/20/13 Random

3/27/13 Grapes

4/3/13 Onions

4/10/13 Radishes

4/17/13 Plums

4/24/13 Cherries

5/1/13 Walls Of Water

Two Weeks Break

5/22/13 Planting

5/29/13 Laying Plastic

6/5/13 Staking

6/12/13 Stringing

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