Saturday, April 27, 2013

Crafts And How-To's 4//26

So this week we will show you how to make a Toilet!
You will need:
*Cardboard (Like a cereal box)
*A small square Kleenex box (You will need to pull up ONE of the flaps that go down.)

Cut a piece of cardboard the size of the back of the Kleenex box.
And Tape the Cardboard on to the back of the Kleenex box to hold the flap up.
Slip a paper clip onto the flap that is standing up.
And Tape on. (This is your handle to "Flush")
And your Done!
Hope you enjoyed! Look next week for a tutorial on how to make a sink!
~Autumn & Skylar~

Fun Day 4/27

Well Here is last part of the story. We are kind of sad to see it end, But Abbie has a new story for you so don't worry. :) She does have a question for you so if you will take that poll she would greatly appreciate it. :)

If you haven't read the rest of the story here are the parts. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3. 

Ten minutes later we had pulled up in front of my house. The children gazed up at the tall white structure with the porch wrapping around it.

“Come Kids.” I said as I walked toward the house. “I have something to show you.” The kids ran after me then fell in to step as we when up the steps. I opened the door and guided them inside to the dinning room. The children eyes sparkled as they looked around. “Are any of you hungry?” I ask. All the heads nodded. “Then Have a set, I will bring out the food.”

Chairs clattered as my guests sat down and I brought out the food and served them.

Soon all the food was gone. We had devoured an entire Turkey, A big bowl of potatoes, gravy, peas and even the dressing. When everyone was done I said,

“Now I have something else for you. Come with me.” I got up and led them into the living room.

“Now set down anywhere.” I said as I began to hand out presents.

“Mandy will you get down the stockings?” I ask pointing to the fireplace. She got up and Handed everyone the stocking with their name on it. The Kids shook out the stockings and out fell candy canes, yo-yo’s and fudge. The twins immediately ate the candy canes. Then the kids opened their presents. Everyone got a warm coat, a hat, gloves and boots. They got socks and shoes, and the girls each got some new dresses. Peter got some pants and shirts. When everyone was done admiring their stuff I said, “OH!!! I forgot the last thing!!” I went to the closet and pulled out 3 new sleds. The kids screamed in delight. The twins ran up and hugged me. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Rachel with her head in her hands. I freed myself from the kids and went over to her and put my arm around her.

“Put your winter clothes on and go play outside.” I said to the kids. When They had went outside Rachel looked up at me through her tear stained face said

“How can I ever thank you?”

I looked over at her and smiling said “You don’t have to. The looks on your children’s faces and the joy they have in their hearts was the Greatest gift anyone could have ever given me.”

Rachel just smiled.

Well What did you think? Did you like this story? Did it go where you thought it would? Tell us below! :)

Last weeks Guess the Doll was Cecile!

Here is this weeks Guess the Doll! Enjoy!

~Mckenna & Marie-Grace~

Friday, April 26, 2013

Photo Of The Week 4/25

Hello! Beth And Felicity here! For the next couple weeks we will be doing photo story's instead of just one picture. (These story's are of the dolls of my friends that I made into books for them J ~Layla~) So the First story is.......

Joe Plays Ball.

This is Joe.

Joe want to play ball.

But everyone is busy.
The girls are in the garden.
His friends are not home.
Joe is sad.
Woof! Woof!
Honey wants to play ball, too.
Go fetch, Honey!

Joe likes Honey.
The End
We hope you enjoyed this post!
~Beth & Felicity~

Farming Report 4/24

Hello! Matt here with The Farming Report. With week the subject is...........Cherries!

Here are the fun facts!
•Cherries were brought to America by ship with early settlers in the 1600s.

•Michigan is the leader in producing tart cherries. They produce 200-250 million pounds of tart cherries per year.

•In 1852, Peter Dougherty,a Presbyterian missionary living in northern Michigan, planted cherry trees on Old Mission Peninsula (near Traverse City, Michigan). Much to the surprise of the other farmers and Indians who lived in the area, Dougherty's cherry trees flourished and soon other residents of the area planted trees. The area proved to be ideal for growing cherries because Lake Michigan tempers Arctic winds in winter and cools the orchards in summer.

•There are 7,000 cherries on an average tart cherry tree and it takes 250 cherries to make a cherry pie.

•The third week of July is usually the peak of cherry harvest in the US.

•Cherry pie filling is the number one pie filling sold in the US.
Abbie Wagner don't like cherries and will avoid them at all costs. :)
Hope you enjoyed this post!

Ask Abbie 4/23

Hello all! Abbie Here! Today we will look at a question from NailBiter, and it says,

Dear Abbie,
I can't stop biting my nails! I've tried everything and have run out of ideas. Please help me!

Well NailBiter,
This a hard-to-break habit, but you cando it, Start by finding something new to keep your hands busy, such as tapping your fingers toguether or trying to move them one by one without letting any other fingers move. (That's hard!) Then pick one "Safe" nail that you promise yourself not to bite. Add a new "safe" nail each week. Soon all your nails will be off-limits and you'll have this habit nailed!From the American Girl Magazine.

Do you have a question for Abbie? Ask below or on the Ask Abbie Page.

Weekly News 4/22

Hello! Josie here! So guess what we (Ruthie and I) are going to do! We are taking a trip all around the AGS! And we are going to tell you ALL about it!! First off we will post a map of the AGS and then a picture of where we are. Then we will tell you about what we did there!

The Map of the AGS

So to start off. We are in Dollville packing for our trip. All our sisters are helping. We can't wait to get started! More next week as we stop at the first spot on our trip.

Reason for lack of posts.......

OK so the Reason for lack of posts is that I have just got Super busy! Work just started (I work at a truck patch A.K.A Tomato farm) and So that is taking all my time after school. However I got of early today so I will try to catch up on the posts! I know what I want to do I just need to get them written. So bear with me. Will try very heard to get some posts up!!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Let's Play Tag!!!

We got tagged be 2 people! Molly And Me and Photography By Rachel H.

So here are the questions!

1. If you could create any American Girl doll, what would she look like, and what would her name be?
Her Name would be Sarah Miller. She would have Red/orange hair (Like MAG #33 ) Green eyes, and lots of freckles! She would be a historical from the California Gold Rush. (1849)

2. What American Girl dolls do you have?
Josephina, Joe (a custom boy doll) Christina (Samantha with new wig.) Ruthie, Mckenna, Marie-Grace. Elizabeth (my sisters doll)

3. Do you have any non-AG 18 inch dolls?

4. What is your absolute favorite brand of dolls?
American girl

5. What is the next doll (AG of non-AG) that you want to get?
AG #55!! And Saige!!!

6. What is your favorite thing to do with your dolls?
Stopmotion and blog/write story's about them! :)

7. Do you have a place for your dolls, like a corner of a room, where their beds and stuff?
Not in my room...... Out in the top of our barn my sister and I have a room with 4 dollhouses in it. We will be making 3 more this summer!!!

8. Would you rather use the computer/watch TV/play on your phone or electronic device/play video games or play with your dolls?
Play with my dolls, but if I didn't have a computer I couldn't blog.

9. If your parents told you that you could only have one doll, what would you do?
I would try to talk them out of it!

10. Have you ever found an American Girl brand item (can be anything) at a second-hand store?
No. But my friend found a Molly doll at a garage sale for $2.

11. Do your friends share your love for dolls?
YES!!!!!! All the girls from school like them (I go to a Private school where I am the oldest) And all but one of the girls my age like them :)

12. What is your favorite non-AG doll brand?

13. Where do you get your inspiration?
Outside, YouTube, other blogs.

14. Does anyone in your family share your love for dolls?
Yes. My sister likes dolls and mom and dad encourage our play. :)

15. Where did you get the idea to start a blog?
Doll Express

I tag......

Dolly Sisters

Carrot and Claire

Hello Little Birdy

If you were one of the people I tagged please:

Answer the questions and tag as many people as you want! Also tell the people you tagged that they were tagged! Have a Great Day!!