Crafts and How-To's (Friday's)

Want to know how to do it? This is a page of all the posts of Crafts and How-To's. Crafts and How-To's is posted every week on Friday by Autumn and Skylar.

2/15/13 Wrap Skirt

2/22/13 Duck Tape Shoes

3/1/13 Table Lamp

3/8/13 Floor Lamp

Sorry no post on 3/15/13 due to Election Week!

3/22/13 Book And Folder

3/29/13 Pencile Holder, Penciles & Ruler

4/5/13 Backpack

4/12/13 Lunch Pail

4/19/13 Shower

4/26/13 Toilet

Sorry No Post on 5/3/13

Two Weeks Break

5/24/13 Sink

5/31/13 Crutches

6/7/13 Yo-Yo's


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