Saturday, May 25, 2013

Fun Day 5/25

Hi! Marie-Grace and Mckenna here! Have you ever had those school writing projects that you just don't want to do? Well We just had one of those. In our English/writing we are studying poems. Now don't get us wrong, some poems are cool. But we ain't a big fan of them. So writing one could be interesting. The first one we wrote was a apostrophe. Click on the word if you don't know what that is. :) OK, So here it is.

~Apostrophe to the Doll~
How often have you heard my cry?
Oh Sweet little dolly of mine.
And listen quietly to each sigh,
Then your smile will began to shine.
I look up at your smiling face,
Your dark blue eyes are shining bright.
I now know I can win Life's race
For you will keep my burdens light.

Well what do you think? Next week we will have a post on the carnival that is going on today!!!!!! :)
~Marie-Grace & Mckenna~

Friday, May 24, 2013

Crafts and How-To's 5/24

Hello! Skylar and Autumn welcome you to Crafts and How-To's! This week we are going to show you have to make a sink!

You will need:
Kleenex box (large)
2 pop bottle lids
hot glue
tooth picks
peice of hanger
yogurt cup (forgot to put in the picture)
Piece of matterial twice as wide as box and as long.

Cut the hole bigger in the box.

Cut a piese of cardboard the same size as the bottom of the box.
Glue it in the middle of the box.
Put some glue onto one of the tooth picks
and stick to the inside edge of the box.

glue to the cardboard shelf.

Repeat. And you have "Supports" for you shelf.
Cut a hole in the top of the box at little smaller than the top of the yogurt cup.

glue the cup in place.

Glue two pop bottle tops on for knobs.

cut the curved end of your hanger.

and glue onto the back of the box.

glue the metterial onto the front of the box

glue on some buttons for decoration! (Optional)

And your done!
Hope you enjoyed!!
~Skylar and Autumn~

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Photo Of The Week 5/23

Hi all! Felicity here with a new Photo story!! Its called
Ashley and the Move

This is Ashley.
Ashley is sad, she is moving.
She will have to leave her friends.
She has to go to a new school.
At school Ashley is alone.
She is seated beside another girl. 
Hi! My name is Rebecca!
Rebecca introduces Ashley to her friends.
Their names are Lanie and Mia.
Ashley is glad she has new friends!! :)
Hope you enjoyed!! See you next week!!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Farming Report 5/22


HI all! Matt here. This week is Planting!!!
Here is the planter. And the Boss driving.
Here is a look at the way the workes plant.
The plants set in plastic boxes on the red metal rack. The workers then grab from these boxes.....
And then push them into the holes in the plastic.
Here is a hole with a plant in it.
Here is the plants in the plastic boxes.
Here is a look at the tank that holds the water that is used in watering the plants as they are planted.
Well thats all on the planting! See you next week!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Ask Abbie 5/21

Hi! Abbie Here!! This week instead of a question for me, I have a question for you!!!
Do You Like Contests???????
You Do!!??!?!?!
GOOD Because we are having one. I hope you like doodling because that is what you will have to do. Below is a picture of a squiggle.
You are to take this squiggle and draw a picture using it. The Squiggle may be any size you want and in any place in the picture.
It don't matter, You just have to have the squiggle in the picture.
We will judge the entries based on creativity with the squiggle!
Have Fun!
There will be one prize.
A Duck Tape Back Pack!!
 You may have 1 or 2 colors. If you give me 1 color it will look like the one on the left. 2 is on the right. You may say 2 colors but tell me to make it like the one on the left. (Ask if you have any questions!)
Here are the colors!!
Black, Silver, Purple, Blue, Hawaiian, Tie Die.
Take a picture of your doodle and email it to
If you can't email then you could post it on your blog and tell me about it. :)

You will need to be able to give my your address so I can mail you your prize if you win.
If you can't give out you address please tell me, because if a lot of people can't give out their addresses then I will change the contest. (It won't really be a contest, just a collab video) If you like the video idea better, or want more info on ether thing, comment down below.
Thanks!! :)
Have fun!!

Monday, May 20, 2013

The Weekly News 5/20

Hello! Josie here! Boy has this been a crazy week!! We when to spring valley and we stayed at an Old Indian Ruins. (See map)

Here is a picture of arriving at the ruins.
 (Speaking of pictures I added some to the last post. Here.)
So Our guide lead us around on the tour of the Ruin she explained that this was the Marionette Indians. I suddenly had a thought. I am a Marionette Indian!!! (I was adopted) My relatives must have lived here! COOL!!!!
So here is the tour.
Here was the sacrifice rock. It made me feel sick thinking of sacrificing. I am so glad I am a Christian and don't do that sort of stuff.
A look at how big it really was.
The first "House" we visited as the chiefs house. It is the one that looks the most like a house....
A rock Table sat in the middle.
A chair sat at the side.
Aaaaa... Comfy!! :P
Here was the entrance to the house.
The Marionette Indians built they Houses on tall hills with valleys in between them.
(Looking Down.)
Looking Up!
Here was a bed...... Does it look Comfy?
(It wasn't)
More Houses......

Some of the Houses didn't even look like Houses!!
(As seen in the next 3 Pictures)
Here was the look outs house.
The village over looked a small lake
Here Is a picture of where they got water.
Another look....
I got an outfit that is like what they would have worn!!! 
A side view.
Their Hair Style also!!
We hope you enjoyed! We are off to the Capital!!