Saturday, May 11, 2013

Fun Day 5/11

Hello! Today on Fun Day we have for you the second and last part of the Story "The Plot Of Ground"
If you haven't read the first part, click HERE.

"The Plot Of Ground"
By Abbie Wagner
Part 2

As the children got older I could tell. They didn’t come as often. But they seemed to still enjoy coming. My little girl was no longer a little girl but a big girl. A young lady would be better put. Her long golden hair hung down her back and she did not yell or scream anymore but she still liked to swing and her green eyes twinkled when she did. She had still not out grown the limp but she had grown in so many other ways that you could not tell she was crippled.

Then one day my girl come with the boy that helped build the tree house. But where are the others? I thought maybe they would come later, but they didn’t. The boy pushed my girl on the swing and she laughed. The boy and my girl came often, especially in the evenings. They walked slowly around the meadow and pond and talked. Sometimes they sat in the tree house and sometimes they sat under my shade.

Then on evening, just as the moon was had risen above the trees. The boy asked my girl to marry him. She looked very happy standing out there in the moonlight. Soon summer ended and winter came and I didn’t see the boy and my girl anymore. I thought that they had forgotten me. But then when spring came along and the flowers and trees started to bloom, I saw them. They had brought a bunch of people and they were setting up tables and chairs and covering them with white tablecloths. Over on the other end of the meadow they set up a white trellis with red, pink and white flowers on it. Chairs where lined up in front of the trellis and a white cloth was rolled out down the space between the chairs. My girl tried to help set up chairs but after a bit she had to set down. There were flowers and bows everywhere. It looked lovely.

The next day loads of people came, I had never seen so many people! Then a bunch of men came in black suits. They went and stood in fount of the trellis. Then music started and I saw a young lady dressed in white start down the aisle. She had a veil over her face but I could see her golden hair and her bright green eyes and I know that it was my girl for she walked with a slight limp. Then I realized that it was a wedding! My girl was getting married! After that the boy was my boy too.

The rest of the day was a happy one. People talked and laughed, but soon the party was over. Everything was picked up and everything when back to normal. But I didn’t see my girl again. I wondered where she went. And why she never came back.

I was feeling sad and lonely one day when I heard a terrible noise! It had a load whirring sound and then there was a crash as one of trees on the other side of the meadow fell. It was drug away and soon more trees had fallen and had been drug away. Then the path where the trees had been was smoothed and covered in rock. Then large machines came. Some cut into the dark brown earth while others carried it away. Then swarms of men in orange hats came and began to build something in the hole. It was built up and up, almost a tall as I was, and ended in a point. Then more wood was put on the outside and black sheets where put on the roof, and there in the middle of the meadow was a big white house. It had a porch on the front and a patio in the back. I wasn’t sure what to think of it. Then one day a black car came down the road. It parked in front of the house and out climbed my boy and girl! A moving van came up behind them. Then my boy and girl stood back as men carried tables, chairs and beds into the house. That is when I realized that they were going to live there! I was happy.

The years passed quickly and soon there was four little children playing in the yard. I watched as they grow up and soon they also moved away. Then one day, oh happy day, my girl became a grandma!

Now I watch ten happy children playing in the lawn and the adults are setting on the patio talking, I see my girl come out onto the patio. She still has a limp and her golden hair has turned gray. But she eyes are still the same green and they could still sparkle the same way they did all those many years ago.
Well, What did you think of this story? We hope you enjoyed!!
~Marie-Grace & Mckenna~

Monday, May 6, 2013

Need A Break :(

Hi Guys! So I you can probably tell I haven't be posting very much. :( I really miss posting but I am at a end for inspiration. School ends (For me) on the 16th of May. That's the end of next week! I am sooooo happy!!! But things have gotten very busy for me and I need A break to clear my brain. So I am going to take a break till the 19th that means I will be back On the 20TH!!! I hope this don't disappoint anyone, and I will still participate in all the things I have said I will do. So I am not totally gone, I am just not going to post for about 2 weeks. If you need me you can still contact me by commenting or emailing me at I will see on the 20th!!!!