Friday, January 17, 2014

New Blog!

Hi! I know you all have been waiting pacently for the revamp of this blog. (See last post if you don't know what I am talking about) But I have been thinking and I like the way this blog is and I don't want to change anything so I decided to make a new blog! It is called Dollville Post. So this one will just be left this way. Maybe someday I will come back to it. But for now I am looking forward to a new blog. Don't worry I will be posting a lot of the same things on the new blog. Click here for Dollville Post!!!! It is still under construction so I may not post for a little...... :) There is one more post I am going to put on this blog but it is taking a LOT long than I expected to write up. Sorry.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!!!!!

Hello Everyone! Happy New Year!!!!! So Last night was the night everyone (or nearly so) Stays up past 12:00A.m. the Ring in the new year. it is also the time everyone thinks of new years resolutions. And A I set here typing this I am think of my resolutions and this blog. Today is the last day of Christmas break. :(
So I'm back to school.
Which means Homework.
Who am I trying to kid?
I am having so much trouble trying to keep this blog going!
I mean. Think about it, I have a schedule where a different doll Posts EVERYDAY!
On a certain topic.
(days Such a The Weekly News Is Hard to get pictures for!)
lets face it.
I love blogging!
I love getting comments.
I Love reading other peoples blogs.
And I Still LOVE my dolls.
But the true is, I'm growing up. :/
I'm 16 and graduating this year. talk about stress!
So here is my new years Resolution.
I Am going to set down and Set up a new schedule.
So bear with me. This may that a few weeks. Thank you for your understanding and support. I love you all. If you ask a question on Ask Abbie, I WILL answer it!
If you have anything You would like to see on this blog. Comment down below. I will take all of your comments Seriously! :)