Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!!!!!

Hello Everyone! Happy New Year!!!!! So Last night was the night everyone (or nearly so) Stays up past 12:00A.m. the Ring in the new year. it is also the time everyone thinks of new years resolutions. And A I set here typing this I am think of my resolutions and this blog. Today is the last day of Christmas break. :(
So I'm back to school.
Which means Homework.
Who am I trying to kid?
I am having so much trouble trying to keep this blog going!
I mean. Think about it, I have a schedule where a different doll Posts EVERYDAY!
On a certain topic.
(days Such a The Weekly News Is Hard to get pictures for!)
lets face it.
I love blogging!
I love getting comments.
I Love reading other peoples blogs.
And I Still LOVE my dolls.
But the true is, I'm growing up. :/
I'm 16 and graduating this year. talk about stress!
So here is my new years Resolution.
I Am going to set down and Set up a new schedule.
So bear with me. This may that a few weeks. Thank you for your understanding and support. I love you all. If you ask a question on Ask Abbie, I WILL answer it!
If you have anything You would like to see on this blog. Comment down below. I will take all of your comments Seriously! :)